If you want to know which pages and posts on your website are getting traffic as it happens, you need WP Access Alert Pro!

Do any of these apply to you?

  1. Some internet marketing guru said that you need a blog that is updated regularly but you can’t tell if any of your posts are being read.
  2. Your “web guy” (or gal) keeps telling you that your website is getting a lot of traffic but you can’t verify that.
  3. You have Google Analytics activated but it’s too confusing and time consuming to log in to check your stats.
  4. You have a Google Analytics plugin installed but it reports too many bogus visits from web bots.
  5. You want to run a promotion for a specific offer and need to know how many legitimate new visits your offer page is getting.

Maybe you just want to know if your website is getting any traffic at all!

Let’s face it, most small business websites just don’t get a lot of traffic. Yet we’re told we must have a great website if we want to get new customers. We’re told that “content is king” and that we must continually add fresh content to keep Google “happy.” So how do we justify the need for all this content against the cost of creating it?

The Answer: WP Access Alert Pro!

WP Access Alert Pro sends an email alert to you within one minute of when your home page or any page or post gets a visit. This is invaluable because visitors are tracked as they go from page to page. You can see the exact amount of time a particular visitor spent on each page during a visit to your site.

WP Access Alert Pro lists visits to your site by page or post, date, time and IP address. This tells you the exact path that a visitor took while at your site, and how long that visitor spent on each page or post. You san see this data in the WP Access Alert Pro dashboard and you can download it to a .csv file.

Sample Email Alert

WP Access Alert Pro

Alerts show the URL, date and time and IP address so you can compute exactly how long a visitor stayed on a particular page or post (except for the last entry.) If you see visits to your home page and no other page or post visits by that IP address, it means that visitor did not go to other pages/posts on your site. Over time, you will see usage patterns you can use to adjust your content strategy.

WP Access Alert Pro Options

WP Access Alert Pro Options

This information is critical to have

Over time, you’ll see on which of your pages and posts people are spending time, and which are being ignored. If you write blog posts, this will tell you what is important to your visitors and what is not. You can invest resources on creating content that your visitors want to know about, and stop wasting resources on content that is unimportant to your visitors.

Enable WPAAUpon activation, WP Access Alert Pro will be enabled for all your pages, posts and categories. You can disable it on a case-by-case basis directly on any page, post or category. But why would you want to? The idea is to know if your content is being seen – or not.

Ready to put WP Access Alert Pro on your WordPress website?

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