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Small business marketing expert Nick Nichols works with B2B businesses like yours to:

  • Boost your company’s performance from “We’re doing okay” to “AMAZING!”
  • Jumpstart your company’s profitability and growth by attracting more long-term customers.
  • Use small business growth workshops to achieve your company’s goals to become an industry leader.
  • Differentiate and position your company’s products and services above the competition.
  • Give your sales team the client attraction, conversion and retention strategies they need to deliver powerful results.

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Who is Nick Nichols?

Nick is a marketing expert who speaks professionally. He is known for his high-content, high-energy presentations laced with humor, “do-it-now” tools, and immediately actionable takeaways. Nick specializes in delivering long-term value to corporate and association clients.

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Nick has been featured and quoted more than 300 times by major news outlets including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Yahoo News, Google News and others.

Your investment in Nick pays off by making it easier for your company’s executives, managers and staff to unblock profits and performance and unlock small business success. Nick is the author of five books on marketing and sales, available at Amazon.

Corporate & Association Speaking

Need a top-notch speaker for your next industry association meeting, annual conference, or corporate event? You found him! All of Nick’s presentations are highly interactive and include lots of how-to oriented content. He uses stories, metaphors, examples and humor to make his keynotes and breakout sessions memorable, practical and profitable for your audience.

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