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The Marketing Turbocharge Program is a comprehensive, hands-on, marketing tune-up and enhancement system for business owners and independent professionals who want more customers/clients to buy more from them, more often, and want to lower overall marketing costs.

The Program is an intensive, participatory experience that delivers mentoring, training and technical expertise to identify opportunities for improvement in your marketing process and show you exactly how to fix them. The Program will also identify your “hidden marketing assets” and help you exploit them. The goal is to stop wasting money on under-performing marketing, fine tune the marketing that’s working and develop and deploy new marketing methods to put more cash in your bank account.

You meet with me privately by phone for regularly scheduled sessions to develop your plan, review your progress, remove any obstacles, and deploy and refine proven strategies and tactics that get results. Additional support is available via phone calls by appointment, email and fax as needed in between your regularly scheduled sessions.

Everything from strategic brainstorming to day-to-day tactics and execution is custom tailored to your strengths, company work ethic and business growth goals. Nothing is left out!

Results You Receive (partial list):

Integration of a step-by-step process* to establish consistent sales and cash flow:

  1. Comprehensive, in-depth review of your current marketing initiatives to see what’s working and what’s not working to stop wasting money.
  2. Identification of ideal target audience niches to get more of your best customers/clients.
  3. Creation of a superior Unique Selling Proposition using my proprietary USPology℠ System so potential buyers will instantly see immediate, relevant value.
  4. Marketing message improvement to insure marketing initiatives are meaningful and effective to attract more pre-qualified buyers.
  5. Development of magnetic offers from your existing product/service mix to attract new customers/clients at a profit.
  6. Plugging of the holes that exist in your pricing and discover what people will pay more for.
  7. Creation and deployment of premium-priced offers from your existing product/service mix.
  8. Selling process optimization to measure, track and improve conversion rates, increase purchase frequency and boost transaction size.
  9. Profit enhancement through creation and deployment of “monster” back-end and continuing revenue offers.
  10. Identification of joint venture partners to profit ethically from cross marketing projects.
  11. Discovery of the “hidden marketing assets” that lie dormant in your business to create new profit opportunities at little or no additional cost.

The Marketing Turbocharge Program leverages my 25 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience helping businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper, into a strategic plan and tactical implementation of proven sales and marketing initiatives to help you get the most from your business activities to give you the freedom and money to enjoy life.

The Marketing Turbocharge Program investment is non-refundable. While there is a three-month minimum commitment, I ask you to recognize that marketing process development takes time. I hope that you will commit to at least six months to reap the maximum value of The Program. However, you can stop at any time after three months with no further obligation.

Click here to take a 30-second anonymous three-question survey to see if you qualify for a complimentary marketing telephone consultation with strategic marketing expert Nick Nichols valued at $1000 minimum.

“You’ve never had a consultant like Nick Nichols. He understands business and what buyers want. He knows how to put it together. He understands the basics from A to Z so you start with a good foundation and end up getting the results you want.” – Dr. George Bobbitt, GTGB Chiropractic Group

“You’re my hero! I would be nowhere fast without your skills! Nick is a great source for online branding of your personal business or corporation. He listens, follows up, and produces great results. The world is on the internet. Call Nick for a professional online presence!” – Debbie Murray, Vice President, Allie Beth Allman & Associates

*Steps vary depending on your goals, level of commitment and implementation resources.